Do some research

You probably already have some idea of what type of car you want or need, you may even have a specific model in mind, but it’s worth doing some research into some of the alternatives. GWA staff are always happy to suggest other models you may not have already thought of.

Work out what’s essential
If the most important thing to you is how a car looks, then you’ll be able to judge for yourself fairly easily which models make your shortlist. But other attributes – such as running costs, space or speed can be very important.

Of course everyone has different priorities. A company car driver for instance may be looking for a very fuel efficient car for tax reasons. It is also important to think about the specification of the car and what is important to you.

This can be easier on a new factory order as you  can order what you want. It is worth prioritising with a used car as to what is most important to you as may have to compromise. Again here at GWA we are on hand to help in with any questions.

How will you pay?
If you plan on paying for the car up front, then you’ll already know how much you can afford to pay – and picking a car within your price range is as simple as checking the list price. But when it comes to financing, this is when a little help can be very useful.

Why not visit our Website for more information on the different types of finance available or please give us a call.

GWA is committed to helping you find the right vehicle funded the right way.

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